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Task 2

Task Overview

This task focuses on exploring methods to enable an advanced, day-light aware, fault detecting, lighting ecosystem that utilizes low-cost sensors and open communication interfaces to maximize energy savings and ease multi-vendor interoperability. 

The work is broken into four sub-tasks. 

  • Subtask 2.1, develops low-cost, self-powered, sensors for light level, shade position, occupancy and glare. 
  • Subtask 2.2 is an open, IP (Internet Protocol) based application programming interface (API) for lighting systems that is compatible with the dominant IP wireless systems (WiFi and 6LoWPAN). 
  • Subtask 2.3 is an open API for the digitally addressable lighting interface (DALI), the dominant digital interface for controlling all electric light sources, including new LED drivers and legacy fluorescent ballasts. 
  • Subtask (2.4) is to combine these elements with analytical tools that enable control algorithms, fault detection and energy-efficiency metric calculation implementation.


Richard Brown: